Consultancy / Inspections and Auditing

FIRETAC provides a range of totally independent  fire safety inspection/auditing services to clients across the entire industrial and commercial spectrum.

Our considerable expertise in the areas of compliance auditing ensures that standards applied are current, relevant and reflective of the client’s statutory, standards and industry specific requirements.

Whilst the conduct of regular “fire safety” audits/inspections are a valuable component in the ongoing  management of risk – the provision of  independent,  “up-to-date” information is essential to maintaining ongoing compliance with mandatory provisions of legislation.

Inspection/auditing services include:

  • Fire Safety and Compliance Audits

  • “Due-diligence” audits

  • Fire Equipment Assessments

  • Essential Safety Features / Services (Maintenance) Inspections

  • Service Delivery (Standards and Compliance) Reviews

  • Risk Assessments

  • Specialised Inspections / Audits

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