FIRETAC (Australia) Pty Ltd
ABN: 58-101-331-355
PO Box 2626, SEAFORD. Vic. 3198.
Email: info@firetac.com.au

The provision of effective training services is one of the cornerstones of  FIRETAC’s successful service delivery program.

From basic (entry level) “Fire Safety and Induction” programs to advanced/specialist “Emergency Response” programs, our practical approach to training delivery enables course participants to build on their competence whilst gaining valuable confidence and “hands-on” experience.

“Accredited” and “non-accredited” programs are available.

Current subjects/topics include:

-           Fire Safety and Induction Programs.

-           Fire Extinguisher (Equipment) training – (basic to advanced)

-           Emergency (Evacuation) Warden Training – (basic to advanced)

-           Healthcare and Aged-Care Emergency Response.

-           Industrial Fire Team training – (basic to advanced)

-           Breathing Apparatus training.

-           Spill Response (Hazardous Materials/Chemical) training.


Together with our network training partners we can also provide clients with access to a wide range of industry specific training solutions including:

-           Forklift and Plant Operator/Licence training.

-           Confined Space training.

-           Dangerous Goods Transportation and Handling.

-           “First Aid” training  (all levels)

Whilst much of our training is designed to be delivered “on-site” at client’s premises, we can arrange “off-site” training if required.

To discuss your training requirements contact our Education/Training Unit today.